The Platoon


Red Orchestra


At ease, Soldiers!

Okay, listen up. We’re looking for new recruits. People who like to have a good time and seek a challenge online.

People who love and think the Irish way but are not nessessarily Irish! In other words, good natured, fun loving folks with a sense of good sportsmenship and most of all a load of humor.

If you like to play war games like e.g. Armed Assault, Battlefield 2, COD, or Red Orchestra then you are on the right place at the right time.

If you are looking for a platoon that can drink a few spirits, and still give the enemy hell at the same time.

  • A platoon that will fight as a single unit
  • A platoon with a bunch of the best and coopertive people out there
  • A platoon that will fight for the good cause and as a proud united team

Then you might fit in the Fighting Irish Platoon.



List of FIP Members