The Squadron






We are not a strict military operation like other squads. All we promote is a sense of belonging, a sense of order, and an appreciation for good beer, company and music.

Recruits to FI squadron need only one thing: to be Irish, have Irish roots, or just feel sorta Irish, if you know what I mean …

We stand for fun, freedom and the liberty to fly as and when we like. The only rule we have is that there are no rules. Fly for fun, be courteous and help your squadmates. We fly at Hyperlobby most nights under the :FI: or the =FI= standard.

We welcome ‘newbies’ and can offer some basic dogfighting and COOP mission advice if required. Remember, everyone was a beginner once – even the online aces that flame you on a regular basis. So don’t be discouraged. If you want to join us, simply use the Off-Topic section in our FIS forum stating why you want to fly with the Fightin’ Irish Squadron.



List of FIS Members