New Member!

Antti “let’s trade panties!” Valpas is our newest member and comes to us from Helsinki, Finland, which really doesn’t exist but don’t tell all those Helsinkians that.

Antti’s parents were arctic banana farmers when one day, as they were busy flicking moose out of some of the lower branches, down fell Antti!

Dispite many folks suggestions, Mom and Pop Valpas decided to raise little Antti as human. He grew up to be a fine strong lad and at the age of sixteen, he fell in love with the family post box. They married and moved to the big city where Antti works as an on-site chiropractor for lawn furnature. In his spare time he enjoys hiding from butterflies and painting the bottom of his toes.

At night, he takes classes in scrotum hair replacement techniques and hopes one day to own a fork.

So, before all the beer gets consumed, lets welcome the squad’s newest Irishman … :FI:Briha!!!!!!