New Member!

Our newest member has come to us from the medieval Saxon town of Minden, famous for building boats without motors in the mountains. Mojito’s father was a professional windmill watcher and fully expected that his son become one as well. On his first attempt, however, our lad mistakenly began watching the 8:10 bus to Strasbourg and ended up lost in the Black Forrest. He was immediately attacked by a hunting pack of Bavarian Cabbage badgers who decided not to eat him because he smelled a bit off. He wandered for several weeks and ended up in a queue for DeReelium tickets. At the concert, he was ejected when he got overly moist seeing Georg Möllers doing an Irish jig in naughty Lederhosen. Having nowhere else to go he settled down in an old jelly tin in Kiel where he lives with his matron vole and six orphan Bratwurst. Mojito enjoys hiding from Martians and hopes one day to look pensive.

Please folks, put down yer duckies and raise a glass for our newest luftpaddy, :FI:Mojito!