New Member!

Snuffly was born in the Weebawum patch, just under old Mater Chubchub’s Willywonk bush. Snuffly and all the other Fweebles liked to race around the Gubba tree and sing their little Gubby songs all day. When night came though, they would hide in the Hooboo Hut because that’s when mean ol’ Farmer Finchhooter let his toothy Mendles out of the Roobly tub!

One night, while the Tinklecubs were spinging, Snuffly decided to see if he could run faster than a toothy Mendle. He waited until the Hooboo Hut closed and he hid behind the Gubba tree. The Mendles smelled Snuffly right off and before he knew it one of the heepier Mendles snagged him by his dinky and threw Snuffly high into the air and far beyond the Weebawum patch!

With his dinky thoroughly snagged Snuffly wandered aimlessly until he found our aerodrome. The mates there all sang and danced and gave Snuffly a wee bed under the fridge. Snuffly’s dinky never got better but soon he was running and racing with the lads and today he becomes a member of the "Fightin’ Irish Squadron" so please mates raise your tumbles high and welcome our newest member … :FI:Snuffly!