Welcome, 4 New Members!

The four new members are no strangers to us. They have fought with us in the past as civilians, but now have shed their skins of that former life to become full fledged Soldiers of the FIP.

So salute to :FI:Nibor, Kickin ass and taking names later. This courageous soldier will take from the enemy and give em hell in return.

To :FI:Dr. Ed whose name brings chills to all who encounter him… for when this Dr is in, watch out, because you’ll be checking out!

To :FI:LT, more than just a man in army boots. This battle hardend soldier has seen it all, done it all, and is still alive to talk about it! His sinister laugh will be the last thing you hear.

And last but not least, our smallest member :FI:Powers. This sniper has been known to remove people’s heads at over a 1000 yards. Small,but extremely efficient, he’ll be one to be reconed with.

So, welcome again Brothers in arms to the FIP. Grab your gear, shine your boots, and report for duty Soldiers!