New Member! *

Near the land of Maniwaki,
And the lake of thousand islands,
Where they drink the beer of mooses,
And the folks all drive Zambonis,
Lived the mighty Jimimeikle.

Wrapped in many layers warmly,
Strode the great and fearless hunter:
Chasing white and fluffy bunnies,
Wrestling with the angry squirrels,
Taunting many flocks of sparrows.

From the land of checkered flannel,
Through the woods of pine and maple,
Searching for a squadron mighty,
Or at least a sheep that’s willing,
Trod the gallant Jimimeikle.

Then the bold and daring hero,
Came upon our hanger humble,
“I am back!”, said Schwarzenegger.
“Who said that?” the squad all wondered.

So let’s greet our old mate kindly,
Welcome back oh :eff eye: Sixxpak.

*to the meter of “Hiawatha” or “Kalevala” if you’re Finnish.