New Member!

Our newest member was found by an old lint excavator on the Firth of Forth during the annual Edinburgh "Pizzen’ tae Wind’ard" games. Despite the odor, the man brought Graham into his home and stuffed him under a leg of the fruit tray to keep the cat from rolling off. As the years went by, Graham enjoyed playing with floaties and was occasionally allowed to watch the old man bathe. When the cat left, Graham wandered off into the countryside in search of his destiny. After ten minutes he became hopelessly lost, but was found by a Mounted Scottish Border Patrolman who was busy stopping sheep from escaping south to Berwick. The patrolman taught Graham everything he knew during a short snack of whiskey and badgerwing haggis. Graham was hired on the spot and has been riding the line ever since. Graham enjoys poking squirrels and hopes one day to wear something under his kilt. So, kind Celtic cadre, please welcome to our humble home, :FI:Gadje!