New Member!

Our newest member is definitely a winner. Head and shoulders are stout, firm and well formed. Shoulders are round and meaty and definitely worth a high score for the neck. The chest and ribs are very broad and well in front of the legs by at least a hand’s width. The broadness continues farther back to meet well sprung ribs between the legs resulting in a good flat area at the bottom of the chest. There is some tapering at the shoulder so we can’t give a full three points there.

Loin width is broad, roundish and well connected. There is little tent and the back is well pushed on. Muscle firmness on the back is fairly long and indicative of many Mid-Atlantic breeds. The taper is pronounced and also fairly muscled.

The rump is broad and long.

A solid four is given to short, thick, straight legs with good spacing. The length between knees is very close to even and a full score for the feet as well as the pastern. His pastern is strong and very close to a champion forty-five degrees. Feet, pastern, knees and hocks are straight.

He is not lactating.

A good grab of the wool shows a thick, long and wavy undercoat with a good greasy texture. The tog is corkscrewy and soft when rolled. Coarseness is consistent throughout but more so along the rump and middle of the back. There is no kemp.

So, barring a poor score from the French judge, I think it safe to welcome our newest member … :FI:MikeVictor!