Mefisto Joins The War Effort

Reports came in today from the field of battle of a soldier who saved the lives of a platoon that was out numbered and within minutes of being slaughtered by the opposing army. :FI:CrimsonFox who was one of the soldiers amoung the platoon was quoted as saying.

We were out numbered ten to one and the enemy was closing in. We didn’t know we were running into a clever trap the enemy had waiting for us. Before we knew it we were in a quarry surrounded by rock cliff one hundred feet high. We planted trip wires and satchels but they were easily disarmed. We couldn’t flank the bas***** and we knew that our last hour was going to be here. Just when the enemy was apon us their CO shouted out and gave us an altimatum, either we surrender without conditions or die there were we stood. I turned to the right were Dutchman and Rabitski stood looking grim. then I turned to the left to see Madra Rua my Brother and Genosse making sure they had full clips. Just when I started to look forward a single shot fired out and the CO droped like a stone. I wasn’t to sure what just happened but I was sure where the sound of the shot was fired from. So I looked up and at first I couldn’t see a thing but this eerie thick fog at the top of the cliffs and out of the mist like a wraith Mafisto pops out takes four or five more shots droping even more of them then disapears back into the mist like somthing sent from hell. All of a sudden everyone started shooting off rounds, and every few seconds or so Mafisto would pop out of the mist take down a few others and like a ghost vanish again. The enemy soon realized thier trap had a flaw and it didn’t take long for them to scatter like rats on a sinking ship. If it wasn’t for Mafisto we would all be dead now because we were not about to surrender.

Later that day Mafisto was given a welcome party and even more special was given his :FI: Badge of Honor. Everyone was quoted as saying or shouting “Welcome Mefisto” or “It’s an honor to fight by your side Mate” the party was reported to have gone on all night and into the early hours of the morning.