New Member!

Les comes to us from the La Habra School of Erotic Relations of California. Since graduating "Most Unnoticed" in a class of two Les joined a Tyrolian acting troupe where he learned how to repair and maintain anachronistic knickers. After ten years of doing the laundry he was given his first acting role when one of the lead actors was found unconscious with an iron lodged in his colon.

Playing the part of Portia in a surreal version of Shakespear’s "The Merchant of Wicklow" he soon proved his talent for enthusiastic dramatic acting and wearing intriguing sixteenth century petticoats. The play had some modest success and moved quickly to New York and off-Broadway when the landlord turned off the electricity.

Subsequent marginal successes where "Fiddler on the Dole" where he played the 63rd Cossack Cavalry Brigade; "Annie Get Your Leather" in the roll of Hubert the overly excitable veterinarian; and "Sheep!" playing "third farmer from the left".

Confident with these accomplishments, Les met tragedy when he tried to play the fourth lady in the front row during intermission of the play "Kiss Me Bossy"

Les fled to Ireland and to our aerodrome where he was found asking a passing stoat, "… just a quick tipple?"

Since coming to the squadron Les has proved himself to be a right lad and has largely stopped asking to trade underwear with the mates.

Please join me in a rousing huzzah and welcome our newest merry member :FI:IceFrog!