New Member!

I’ll take a chance that at least a few of you know the theme song to “Rawhide!”

Flyin’ flyin’ flyin’
Flyin’ flyin’ flyin’

Keep flyin’, flyin’, flyin’,
Though you may be diein’,
Keep your ride a’flyin’ Radje!

Don’t try to comprehend it,
Just bank, bang and bend it,
Soon you’ll be soaring high and free.

Though you may be thinkin’
Your flyin’ is a’stinkin’,
and endin’ up extremely late for tea.

Yank it left, cut it right,
Cut it right, loop it up,
Loop it up, roll it back Radje!

Push it hard, stall it out,
Stall it out, spin it in,
Bring it down, drill a hole … Rad-jeeeee!

Welcome to the squad :FI:Radje!

AKA: Mikester