:FI: skins project

The next update for the :FI: skin project should be ready by February. Some of the new aircraft skins probably will be:

  • Bf-109
  • Bf-110
  • FW-190A
  • Ta-183
  • Ju-88
  • He-111
  • A6M2/3/5/7
  • IL-10
  • Do-335
  • Me-262
  • CR.42
  • G50
  • MC-202/205

Any members who would like to be added to the personal skins list please contact me.

Some possible new additions:

  • 19 BADGER
  • 41 BLUE 2
  • 82 Biggles3

Skinners who will have skins ready, please let us know.

Thanks to all of those members who are participating.