IL-2 Sturmovik Update 4.604

Dear Friends,


We’re glad to inform you that a new update is released – 4.604! In addition to the new SPAD VII.C1 180 h.p. for Flying Circus Vol II, this update brings many improvements in different areas. There is a whole section of changes related to aircraft armament, including the much-discussed M2 .50 Browning machine gun rounds. We also worked on the improvement of everything connected with aircraft collisions with the ground – improved graphic effects, damage model of the airframe and pilot from collisions. The pilot’s physiological model has undergone a new revision as well. A whole section of upgrades is devoted to improvements to previously released aircraft, and another to player controllable vehicles.  And some AI objects developed as part of the Battle of Normandy have been introduced into the project.


More detailed information you’ll find on the Official IL-2 BOS site