IL-2 Sturmovik Update 4.705

Dear friends,

We just released the update containing one of the most awaited aircraft of the Battle of Normandy lineaup – British twin engine fighter/bomber De Havilland Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI series.2. This plane is very interesting – speedy, powerful, carrying an entire arsenal of guns, bombs and rockets and capable of retaining its speed even with bomb load thanks to the internal bomb bay. Moreover, there is a modification called “Tse-Tse” with 57mm (!) Molins automatic gun that had nearly the same capabilities as the 6 pdr gun installed on Churchill tanks. This big gun was intended for attacking submarines, but in skilled hands it might kill a tank. This aircraft looks remarkable both outside and inside and we did our best to show it in our 3D model. Of course, the flight model is as accurate as possible too, representing its handling peculiarities.

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More detailed information you’ll find on the Official IL-2 BOS site