Official Guidelines: Member Conduct

OK… here we go …

For those of you who wanted some rough outline of what the ‘rules’ (and I use the word in it’s loosest sense) should be. Here are the Fightin’ Irish 10 Commandments:

  1. Show respect to other players at all times; this includes players from other clans/platoons or people that fight alone.
  2. If you join a server that is run by someone other than an FI member always say hello when you enter and thanx or good-bye when you leave. While there, do not swear, do not steal kills, do not kill teammates – unless it is expressly allowed in the game (see their rules when you join).
  3. If you are asked to stop doing something when in someone else’s game – STOP IT! And apologize. We all makes mistakes and make asses of ourselves occasionally – but it’s good to admit that you have … you’ll feel better having apologized, believe me!
  4. As some people have said, fighting with the :FI: Platoon is a privilege. Do not abuse the trust of those who accepted you into the Platoon and your Platoon mates by behaving badly. Paint sticks. If you get a bad name, then so do we. And we don’t like it when people give us a bad name; in fact, we dislike it greatly – so be warned.
  5. If we receive a complaint about a member from anyone, he can be thrown out of the Platoon. It’s nice to be a member of a group like this – don’t ruin it for yourself! The member in question must explain their actions and try to make amends with the other party. Failing this, they will be asked to leave the Platoon.
  6. You must buy Crimsonfox, Dutchman and Genosse (pay to have your name advertised HERE!!!) a round at least once a month.
  7. For the love of Dog… have FUN, but not at the expense of others or this Platoon!
  8. Cool If you are worried about the behavior of one of our guys first and foremost, tell him/her – and then if it persists, tell us (Crimsonfox, Dutchman, Genosse). If it is a serious problem, we will try to sort it out. If it can’t be sorted, the offending member will be booted.
  9. Never use bad language online, never curse or call other players names – even if they are baiting you. Back off and let the idiots tire themselves out.
  10. Fight FOR your Platoon – not against it (except Deathmatch).
    Team playing is highly encouraged as a platoon Combat Tactics training etc. Try it, it’s fun!

Amen to that!

These rules can be updated. Suggestions should be sent via PM to Crimsonfox, Dutchman and Genosse and we’ll have a chat about it

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Grammar by The Ferret King Wink

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