Lately, 01-august-2006

we startted off officialy The CTT* on Tuesday’s

We had our Fights with:

  • Rules ( the hitman)
  • Brainman
  • Genosse
  • Macca
  • Bowling Bob
  • Dutchman
  • and in the verry end Hunter

There was good sessions and it feld like the old days.
Good mean fights and there was NO…. i repeat NO MERCY
but… good teamfights / tactics and superb Deadmatch actions (Rules, Brainman, Genosse) and most of all Big Laughs…..

So by the succes of yesterday tonight the server is ready for those soldiers who can not fly tonight or for those soldiers who want to help the platoon after their air missions

So the FIP Server is up and and loaded.

* Combat Tactical Training

latest: 2 august 2006:
We have a new member –> Der Helmut
scroll down for intro !!!

The Mudmovers.