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Though our ranks were thinned during recent months, we took a lot of enemies with us. This is something to be proud of, soldiers!

Our last offensive in the fields of tulips and among windmills of the beautifull Holland proved that our troops still bite enemies with great power. Enemies casualties were unexpectedly high, also many of them fled in fear when they saw the FI badges on our shoulders.

Our succes wouldn’t be that shiny if not for an untill-now member of the Dutch Resistance, who came and volunteered to join his brothers in arms – the Fighting Irish Platoon.

In recent months he spread fear and death among our enemy. Not knowing his real name, they nicknamed him Der Helmut. As this nickname is associated with his brave deeds, it stays with him in his new life as the member of the Fighting Irish Platoon.


Please welcome :FI:Der Helmut

and may he keep up the good job

at ease…

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