New Member Time!

Our newest member guards the pigeons outside the Chinese Szechuan restaurant near String Bridge by the river in Exeter. Tony, known as Ol’ Birdie by the children who chase him into the trees after school, likes to count clouds and at night can be seen asking tourists for their shoelaces.

During the war, Tony was attached to a first echelon catering unit where he excelled in light sauces and flinching. After being noticed twice by his superior, Tony earned the rank of Cavity Search Officer for the Gooch Corner Light Cavalry. When released from the service, Tony moved to Exeter where he owns an old coat and a boot named Clyde.

Tony looks forward to being a member of the Fightin’ Irish where he can improve his dirt appreciation skills and start a paint chip collection. Folks, please welcome to the coolest Celtic crew ’round, :FI:Grecian!