New Member!

Oisín was found behind an old sales display in the "Lady’s Personals" aisle in an O’Walmart in Ballynagrumoolia, Ireland. A well-meaning clerk wiped him off and put him on the shelf next to the foot pastes and marked him 15 pence. Later that month, while trying to scratch a naughty bit, Oisín fell to the floor and rolled out the back door.

With nowhere special to go, he wandered into a Cantonese barber shop where he got a job sweeping and rearranging hair by color and ~type~. Several skin infections later, Oisín got lost returning from a Belgian flea convention and was kidnapped by a renegade band of Dorset Water Pixies who dressed him in a prawn suit and mailed him to the "Fightin’ Irish, We’re Really Really Sorry" legal department where he sits now guarding the water cooler.

Oisín enjoys counting his knees and hopes one day to own clean knickers.

But before that will happen, he’s buying the next round for us! So, good folk, please welcome the newest merry Merrow of the Fightin’ Irish Squadron, :FI:Bambi!